5 Basic Court Manners in Badminton

In this Blog, we will talk about basic Court Manners in Badminton, which is very important for playing badminton. It is essential to remember that bad manners and a lack of court etiquette are just as detrimental to your chances of winning as a lack of shuttlecock hitting. So, let’s get started and learn what those manners are.

Court Manners in Badminton

No matter how long you’ve been playing or how new you are, it’s important to remember that the game is about more than just hitting the shuttlecock back and forth. It’s also about having good manners and etiquette on the court. Following these rules ensures that everyone is safe, can enjoy the game, and shows respect for the sport and their opponent.

5 Basic Court Manners

1. Game Honesty

Players at the club level usually don’t have line people or referees, so it’s up to the players to ensure the game is fair by honestly calling the ins and outs and keeping the scores straight. It’s the least you could do during a match. When the shuttle lands on your side of the court, it’s up to you to say whether it’s “in” or “out.”

So, tell the truth about where you think the shuttle lands. If it’s hard for you to tell if a shuttle is “in” or “out” near the line, it’s best to make the call that helps your opponent. Also, if you hit a shot against the rules, you should call it immediately.

Responding quickly shows that you are honest and have integrity. And this goes without saying, but you should still call fouls even if it seems like no one else sees them. In badminton, it is up to each player to call all mistakes on their side of the net fairly and unbiasedly. If you treat your opponents fairly, they will treat you the same way when the tables are turned.

2. Opponent’s Respect 

Respecting your opponent is one of the most important parts of having good court manners in badminton. One way to show your opponent respect is to shake hands with them before and after the game. This simple action shows that you appreciate the skill and hard work your opponent put into the game.

Respecting your opponent also means not talking trash or making negative comments during the match. If you make rude or negative comments about your opponent’s skills or how they play, it can hurt them and stop the game from going smoothly and make the atmosphere hostile.

Treating your opponent with respect, you not only uphold the values of good sportsmanship, but you also make sure everyone has a good time playing.

3. Emotions Controlling

When things don’t go as planned, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions, such as frustration, disappointment, or even anger. But it’s important to remember that a big part of having good court manners is controlling your emotions. When you’re not doing your best, it’s easy to get angry.

But no one wants to be the angry boy or girl who throws a fit on the court. Everyone who plays badminton wants to play with someone who enjoys the game, no matter what happens. So, even if you lose, try your best to stay calm during every game. No one wins every match, which is fine.

It’s more important to have fun and get better with practice than always to beat your opponent. In badminton, it’s important to always act with professionalism and sportsmanship. Even though it might be tempting to scream or throw your racket when you’re mad, doing so can be bad for the game and rude to your opponent.

Instead, take a minute to calm down and think about the game again. Take a deep breath, change your thinking, and remember that it’s just a game.

4. Gently Return the Shuttle 

In some situations, you can hit the shuttle back to your opponent’s side of the court with a light underhand stroke. Consider how close you are to the net and how the other players have been returning the shuttle. Use a light underhand stroke to return the shuttle when your opponent scores.

To return the shuttle gently, use a light touch and pay more attention to where you put it than how hard you push it. Try to put the shuttle back in a place that makes it hard for your opponent to get it back, like close to the net or in the back of the court, and always play fair.

This shows that you respect and accept the shot. It’s also polite to say something about a great shot. When the shuttlecock lands on your side of the court, you usually give it back to the other player. Don’t try to pick it up with the head of your racket because that could hurt it. Instead, pick it up and give it back to your opponent politely.

5. Don’t try to get other players’ attention 

People should be aware that people on the court are trying to play a game and not do anything that will get in the way of that. During a match, don’t make noises that will bother your opponent. It is very rude to make noises on purpose to get your opponent or players on other courts’ attention.

If you are playing for fun, don’t talk to other people or try to scare your opponent. This also goes for people who want to watch the game. It’s fine to tell your partner short things like “in!” or “out!” Not a good idea to tell your opponent(s) the same things.

Remember to keep your mind on the game, stay positive, and always play with sportsmanship and professionalism!

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