5 Basic Types of Badminton Shots – Everything you need to know

As Badminton Shots are very important to learn for playing Badminton. Good Badminton Shots are the key points in Badminton Play. So, let’s learn how to increase this ability of good shots for effective performance.

What are the Badminton Shots?

The different ways players hit the shuttlecock over the net and into their opponent’s court are called “shots.” A player’s success in this sport depends not only on how well they can progress but also on how well they can do different shots.

5 Basic Types of Badminton Shots

  1. Smashes
  2. Clears
  3. Drives
  4. Serves
  5. Drops

1. Smashes

Smashes might be the most fun, offensive, and powerful shots you can play in badminton. When you hit a smash shot, the shuttle will move quickly down and toward your opponent’s court. Because of its speed and force, a smash can be all you need to score a point and end the rally.

In badminton, Smash is an important shot that every player should learn. Smash is one of the most powerful shots in badminton, and it is used to end a rally. It is a fast, strong shot that requires speed, strength, and accuracy.

Smashes are usually played from the front of the court and are a good way to put pressure on your opponent. Getting good at the Smash shot in badminton has many advantages, such as Putting Pressure on the Opponent, Ending Rallies & Controlling the Pace of the game.

2. Clears

Clears are basic shots in badminton that all new players should work on. The best way to make this shot work is to swing the racket up and hit the shuttle with it. The goal is to make the shuttle hit the middle of your racket and send it flying high.

For this shot, you have to hit the shuttlecock so that it goes toward the back of the court. There are two main types of clear shots that you should know about: Defensive clears and Attacking clear.

An Attacking clear is a straight, fast shot to the backcourt of your opponent. A Defensive clear will also go toward your opponent’s baseline, but it will do so more slowly and at a higher angle. To do a Clear, you need to have good technique and placement.

The good things about being able to do the Clear shot in badminton are Taking control of the Court, Changes to the Rally’s Pace & Putting pressure on the opposite side.

3. Drives

Drives in badminton are flat, horizontal shots that you hit from the middle of your court straight to the middle of your opponent’s court. This shot is a half-offensive move in which you swing your racket overhead with a lot of power.

This makes the shuttlecock fly straight over the net and onto the other team’s side of the court. Drives are usually used to answer offensive shots, speed up a rally, or try to trick your opponent into hitting a weak shot back.

It’s used to put pressure on the other team and take charge of the court. To pull off a Drive, you need fast reflexes and good timing.

If you can master the Drive shot in badminton, you can Take Charge of the Rally, Stop the Rally & Putting pressure on the other side.

4. Serves

The first shot in a rally in badminton is the serve, which sets the tone for the whole point. When you serve well, you can put pressure on your opponent and get the upper hand in the rally.

Serves are one of the first shots that people new to badminton learn. It is important to master your serves because they are what start each rally.

In badminton, there are two major types of serves: a High serve and a Low serve. The High serve is a shot that is hit up into the air, making it hard for the opponent to return. The Low serve is a fast, low shot that makes it hard for the other player to get under the shuttlecock.

When you serve well, you put pressure on your opponent, take charge of the rally, and set the tone for your point.

4. Drops

The Drop Shot is a tricky & Powerful shot in badminton that takes skill and timing to pull off. It can catch your opponent off guard and make them scramble to defend their frontcourt.

You usually hit a drop shot from your backcourt, using just enough power to send the shuttle over the net. This is hard to learn, so give yourself time as you practice.

If you hit a good drop shot, you can trick your opponent, take control of the rally, and wear down your opponent.

I wish this post will help you to understand the Top Main Shots and make your Badminton performance more effective!

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