5 Common Badminton Racket Problems And How To Fix Them

This post will give full details about the badminton rules. However, you must address the problems as they arise. You can avoid many issues by following proper maintenance procedures and honing your skills. So, in this section, we’ll discuss common badminton concerns and solutions. So, keep an eye out for this article.

Common Badminton Racket Issue

It will be damaged if you do not care for your badminton racket. Here are some issues that any badminton player may encounter:


This is the most apparent cause of damaged racket frames. This is especially true if you play doubles with a partner. Eventually (and more often than not), your rackets will collide.

Depending on the force applied to the collision, the Frame may sustain minimal to severe damage. For instance, a strong direct impact can cause the Frame to buckle, bend, or lose its elegant isometric shape.

Light collisions, on the other hand, can cause the paint to peel off the Frame, whereas extensive or repeated damage can loosen the strings.

If the rackets collide excessively, the Frame can crack or shatter into pieces. A professional can most repair racket damage caused by a collision. Boundaries will be reshaped, strings will be retightened, and new grommets may be installed to prevent lines from slicing through the Frame.

Absence Of Stability:

Instability results from a lack of badminton playing skills. Learn the exact timing of the shuttlecock if you want to feel confident with your shots. During this period, it will be advantageous to consistently strike the shuttlecock from a good position. To increase the weight of the twist, the lead tape should be attached at points 3 and 9. In addition, you can exchange your current racket for one that is heavier.

Poor/Incorrect Handling

If you do not correctly strike the cork or handle your racket, it may fall from your grip and hit a hard surface. The outcome is not always favorable. If the Frame of the unrest hits the ground first, it can snap, crack, or break into many pieces. In any case, you should not let go of your nose mid-air. This also prevents your tennis racket from scratching if you apply protection tape to the Frame.

String Tension

Every badminton racket has a range of tension that can withstand it. However, if you use it outside of its content, your string will be damaged, and your racket will also be easily broken. You are aware that strings are attached to the racket frame. As a result, if you tighten the line, your Frame will be loaded. Because of the extra load, your racket will break at some point. It will happen specifically during your tournament.

Poor Shuttlecock Control: Another issue with badminton rackets is a lack of shuttlecock control. To increase power, use the correct type of string. For example, using polyester as a material can be a great idea.

Difficulty in Manipulation

A weight issue could be the source of maneuverability issues. A superior weight racket on its head is genuine for delivering a quick move. This problem can be mitigated by using a headlight racket. Furthermore, there is a balance point at the handle from the base in this type of badminton.

Broken Grommets

Broken grommetsGrommets are the tiny tubes that encircle the racket’s Frame. They are designed to allow the string to pass through, protecting both the Frame and the line from being severed by tight ropes. If the grommets are loose, broken, or missing, they must be replaced. Otherwise, the series will penetrate the Frame, causing it to buckle or break.

How to Repair Badminton Racket Issues:

There are numerous solutions to your badminton racket problem. We have provided some answers for you below:

String Your Badminton Racket Again

Rackets frequently lose strings and tension as a result of playing time. You cannot control your shots and win the match with open badminton. String tension that is too low can cause a bump in your racket. As a result, you should restring your badminton racket at least four times per year.

Racket Frame Maintenance

The most critical component of your racket is the Frame. The most likely outcome is that your badminton racket will be damaged at this Frame. Check your racket paint chips while inspecting the structure.

Notably, while this is not a problem, it can be unsightly. Badminton racket collisions typically result in paint chipping. More importantly, it would aid in the search for cracks in the racket frame.

Grommet Care

Grommets are plastic cylindrical inserts that run around the circumference of the racket frame. The grommets’ function is to protect the racket’s head.

Damage to the racket frame can also prevent the tight string. If you notice any damage, you should replace it as soon as possible because it could cause further damage to your racket string.

Maintenance of the Racquet’s Frame

For obvious reasons, the Frame of your racket takes the brunt of the impact. The likelihood that your racket’s Frame will sustain damage is high.

When inspecting the Frame of your racket, keep an eye out for paint chips. They do not necessarily cause damage, but they can be pretty unsightly. Collisions frequently cause paint chipping.

More importantly, it would be best to look for cracks in the Frame of your badminton racquet. Any damage is an indication that a racket will not last long. Typically, they occur in areas where there is a paint chip. When the paint peeled off, a crack frequently appears as a thin line obvious in black or gray.

Large, deep cracks are cause for concern.

Your examination should continue. Check the Frame for bends, dents, and signs of collapse/deformation.


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