How to Expert Your Backhand in Badminton in 4 Ways

In this post, you can quickly learn the backhand function in badminton, which is essential for playing. So, let’s understand how to increase this backhand ability in badminton for effective performance.

Getting the perfect overhead backhand Clear is never an easy thing to do. You must ensure enough power to hit the shuttle from one end to the other.

Expert Your Backhand in Badminton

The backhand serves both as essential and challenging. Most world-class players agree that a single server can decide the winner of a rally.

If you want to backhand a badminton shot from the back of the court, you should turn away from the V grip and move a little toward the panhandle grip. The script will help you keep your hold steady as you move through the shot.

1. Start with the perfect grip

The backhand grip should feel natural, comfortable, and easily changed for different shots.
Hold the shuttle feather with your thumb, forefinger, or middle finger if you have to. Tilt the shuttle head toward you so that the feathers face the net.

The way the shuttle is tilted will significantly affect the path of the service, so make changes as needed. You can change how you hold your backhand for more control and power.

2. Get a Good Shuttle Grip

From here, you’ll extend your arm as you turn your body forward, snap your wrist at the highest point of contact with the shuttle, and keep going in the right direction.
Hold the shuttle feather with your thumb, forefinger, or middle finger if you have to. Tilt the shuttle head toward you so that the feathers face the net.

3. Get into Position

Pay attention to the technique needed to hit a backhand shot, such as keeping your wrist still, using the right arm angle, and hitting the shuttle in the middle of the strings.

The backhand serves are often used in both doubles and singles badminton, so we’ll talk about where to stand.
Start with your elbow low when you swing. At first, keeping your arm higher in the air might feel more natural, but a lower elbow gives you a better range of motion and a more vital backhand shot.

Try to keep your wrist and forearm in line. Don’t bend it too much because bending your wrist can weaken you. Keep your arm and grip on the racket a little bit lose until it’s time to swing.

4. Footwork Rule

You need to move your feet well to hit a backhand shot well. Make sure you are in the right spot to use your backhand to hit the shuttle.

We hit the shuttle at its highest point when we play forehand shots. If we want to hit a powerful attacking shot, we usually don’t wait for the shuttle to come further down.

At the contact point, you need to put all the momentum you’ve built up through your movements into the shuttle to make the shot as strong as possible.

Hopefully, this post will clear your thoughts on your backhand rule in Badminton & All the things related to this! 

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