How to Jump Higher and Play Fast in Badminton

This post will help you jump higher in Badminton & also play well and hit harder; you need to practice a few key techniques I will show you below.

Jump Higher and Play Fast in Badminton

Box Jumping:

A plyometric workout known as the box jump calls for you to begin from a standing posture, leap into the air, and land simultaneously with both feet on a raised platform.

Another useful workout that will improve your badminton leap is the box jump.

Stand in front of a strong box or platform and leap onto it with both feet, landing gently. Repeat the exercise several times, gradually raising the box’s height. The exercise increases your vertical leap and can be used as a cardio workout because it causes your heart to beat more quickly after a few repetitions.

Box jumps typically target the lower body muscles, such as the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

2. Banded Squat Jumping Helps in Badminton Game:

Another useful workout to enhance your badminton jumping power is banded squat jumps.

They maintain your strength and stability, allowing you to launch yourself into every required corner while enabling you to land firmly and return to the center afterward.

Start by encircling a heavy dumbbell with handle bands to prepare for the exercise. Bring the bands up over your shoulders after that. Repeat multiple times, carefully touching the ground after each jump softly.

3. Single-Leg Box Jumping Helps in Badminton Games

The glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves are just a few of the lower body muscles targeted by the single-leg box jump, a plyometric exercise.

Jump as high as you can while standing on one foot, then gently land on that same foot. On each side, repeat numerous times. For this variation, you may occasionally need to start with a shorter box because you’ll only be using one leg’s strength.

Single-leg box jumps can strengthen your entire body by engaging upper and lower body muscles.

4. Plyo Lunges Exercise:

Plyometric lunges, also called leaping lunges or plyo lunges, are high-intensity bodyweight workouts that increase heart rate and lower-body strength.

Start by assuming a hip-width stance. Take a big stride forward and bend your back knee toward the floor. Then, jump up and change your legs, landing with your other foot in front of you.

Plyo lunges keep your heart pumping for an extended period. Plyo lunges are a bodyweight exercise; this exercise is essential for you if you want to become a professional player in badminton.

5. Squat Jumping:

Jumping from a squat targets the muscles in your legs and increases strength and power. Exercises using only your body weight called “jump squats” are distinguished by a straight upward leap at the top of the movement.

You can perform a squat jump from a standing position with your feet around shoulder-width apart. After that, crouch down and leap up as high as you can.

Jump squats involve an intense movement, which means they fully work your muscles in a shorter amount of time.

Hopefully, this post did an excellent job increasing your knowledge and giving you methods for Jump Higher and Play Fast in Badminton. 

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