How to Perform 3 Different Clears in Badminton

This article is about different clears of Badminton. In this article, I’ll help you better understand the distinct clear that can be used in Badminton.

3 Different Clears in Badminton

Clearing the court in Badminton means hitting the shuttlecock high and far into the back of the opponent’s court. This is usually done as a defensive shot to buy time to return to a neutral spot on the court.

The most crucial shot in Badminton is the clear, called the “lob” in most Asian countries. This is especially true in a singles game. They are also important in games, and many people think they are the essential kind of shot, especially when playing singles.

Drop Clear

The drop shot is a trick shot that can fool your opponent. This shot is usually done from the back of the court so that the shuttle hits the ball just after the net.

A defensive clear slow the rally’s pace, but a drop shot keeps the rally going at the same speed. The shuttle isn’t hit very high, so the opponent won’t have enough time to respond.

The drop clear should fall right over the head of the opponent, making it hard for them to get the shuttlecock back. The opponent needs to move around the court faster and respond more quickly. The speed of the march will pick up even more because of this.

Forehand Clears

Forehand clears are a type of clear shot in Badminton played with the forehand grip and hit with the forehand stroke.

It can be used both to attack and defend. The best way to improve the regularity of your shot is to practice a lot and make sure you always hit the shuttle in the same way. Being able to “hide” the image you are about to take is not a very important skill at a basic level, and it makes the skills you need to learn more complex than they need to be.

Forehand clears are essential for any badminton player because they can protect against an opponent’s attacking shots and buy time to recover and prepare for the following image.

Underarm Clears

Underarm clears are shots played with a backhand grip and an underhand stroke in Badminton.

The first is when you’re off-balance or under pressure, and an underarm clear might get you off the hook. If your opponent has weak smashes, an underarm clear might be your best shot.

Underarm clears are essential for badminton players because they can protect against low attempts and buy time to recover and prepare for the following image.

This article will help you to know why we use 3 Different Clears in Badminton!

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