How to Return a Doubles Serve By 3 Ways

This post will help you with how to return the serve in doubles & also you will feel confident by using these tips and the strategies experienced badminton players employ while returning serves.

Return The Serve In Doubles

1. Focus on Serve Return serve:

The service establishes the rally’s tone and is the game’s most crucial element. A strong serve gives you the upper hand and puts your opponents under strain.

Depending on the type of service you anticipate, you may need to adjust your ready position.

You can shift your position closer to the net if you are confident in your capacity to retrieve a flip serve successfully. You can reposition yourself further away from the service line if you are less assured.

Both partners should move into receiving positions diagonally opposite one other on the court as soon as their opponent serves.
Your ability to return will determine where you stand on the court.

Most players stand at the front or middle of the court in a ready stance with their non-racket legs in front of them. Your racket should be in front of you while your elbow is slightly bent in this stance.

2. Adjust Your Body & Take Time to Serve:

Additionally, practicing returning serves in many contexts is crucial to get the knowledge and assurance needed to execute returns successfully during games.

There are a lot more ways. You can parallel return the serve to the opponent’s partner’s rear-hand side and the opponent’s middle sides.

You must time your jump or split step so you can land on the shuttle at the peak of your jump.

In doubles, returning the services may also be time-consuming and involve outstanding footwork, timing, shot choice, execution, and communication.

Try to return it using the server’s body. In this manner, the server will give itself time to adjust before returning the shot. It’ll offer you a more substantial advantage. Make you more competitive.

3. Backhand Return & Racket Position:

A sneaky backhand return of serve can be a valuable tool in your badminton arsenal in doubles. Position your legs and racket as if you’re aiming for a straight shot to obtain this service return.

You must time your split step or jump precisely to land on the shuttle at the peak of your jump. Drop your shoulder and pinch your thumb and fingers together when the cross-shot is still conceivable.
Use a solid technique to execute your shot, ensuring it is precise, deep, and fast enough to put your opponents under pressure.

Be prepared to move swiftly to the backhand side of the court as soon as your opponent serves. Utilizing rapid and light footwork, like a split or shuffle step, will enable you to accomplish this.

The position of your racket must also be taken into account. Make sure you have a solid grip on the noise, and for added stability, place your thumb toward the rear of the handle.

It would be best if you raised your racket over the level of the net. This enables you to intercept the shuttle’s trajectory and strike downward quickly.
I hope after reading this, you can execute a powerful, precise, and efficient double serve while ensuring your racket position is correct.

Hopefully, this post did an excellent job increasing your knowledge and giving you methods to return a Doubles Serve.

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