Top 5 Best Countries to Play Badminton in the World

This post will show you the Top 5 Best Countries to Play Badminton in the World. After reading this post, you can learn about the different kinds of badminton courts and countries where Badminton is popular.

Top 5 Countries-Best Badminton Courts

The best badminton courts are the ones that have been kept up for a long time and are taken care of by the badminton federation of the country where they are.

In 1934, the International Badminton Federation was created. In 2006, they changed their name to Badminton World Federation (BWF), and about 47 countries are now members. Asian countries have ruled the badminton world ever since it started, with China being the most powerful.

Badminton is usually played on a court that looks like a tennis court, and players score points by hitting the ball onto the ground on their opponent’s side of the court.

Japan (Nagoya Congress Center, Yoyogi National Gymnasium)

Some people might be surprised to learn that Badminton is popular in Japan. You might think of sports like sumo wrestling when you think of Japan.

Yoyogi National Gymnasium is in Tokyo, and it has been the site of many international events, such as the All England Open in 2020 and the Thomas & Uber Cup in 2014. It is open to the public and has ten courts.

Kento Momota is their leading man in men’s singles. In 2018 and 2019, he was almost unbeatable. He’s been the player to beat and made Japan a significant threat in the men’s singles category all by himself.

Nagoya Congress Center, a venue in Aichi prefecture, has 16 courts and has hosted many international events, including the 2005 BWF World Championships.

Their success in international tournaments has a lot to do with this. Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo won the first gold medal for Japan at the Olympics. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, they gave Japan its first women’s double gold medal.

Indonesia (GOR Ken Arok, Malang, GOR POPKI Cibubur, Jakarta)

If you go to Indonesia, it won’t be hard to find people who like Badminton. After all, Badminton has been one of the most popular sports in the country, if not the most popular, for a long time.

GOR Ken Arok, Malang, this location has eight courts and holds tournaments often. It is also a place where local players can learn how to play.

The well-built Praveen Jordan and Melati Daeva Oktavianti of Indonesia are in fourth place. They have increased quickly and shown that, on a good day, they can beat the other top pairs.

GOR POPKI Cibubur, Jakarta, has 15 courts, and local players like to use it. It has tournaments often and is open to anyone.

Indonesia is pretty good at men’s singles and doubles, but they are fragile at women’s singles and doubles, with no women’s singles players in the top 10 and only one women’s doubles pair in the top 10.

China (Dongguan Arena, Dongguan, Zhongshan Gymnasium)

Since the beginning of Badminton, China has been the best country in the World. But regarding the Badminton Championships, China is the best country in the World.

Still, some of the best badminton players come from China, like Lin Dan, Chen Long, and others. Badminton is a sport that is played in Chinese schools and colleges.

Dongguan Arena, Dongguan, the BWF World Championships, and the BWF Super Series have both been held at this venue, which has nine courts.

Chen Yu Fei, from China, is the world number 2 in women’s singles. She is calm and reliable. Chen Yu Fei is a top competitor in women’s singles, and everyone is watching her. She is a well-rounded player with excellent court coverage, defense, and offense.

China has only one men’s doubles team in the top 10: Li Jun Hui and Liu Yu Chen, also called the “Twin Towers” because they are tall. Even though they used to be world champions, they haven’t done very well since then.

The Zhongshan Gymnasium in Zhongshan has ten courts and is a popular place for local players to play. It has tournaments often.

South Korea (Goyang Gymnasium, Seoul Olympic Park)

South Korea has a strong badminton culture and many great places for players of all skill levels to play.

Goyang Gymnasium, the national team trains at this building, which has ten courts. Players from the area also like to go there.

It is pretty clear when you look at how many great badminton players they have made over the years. Indonesia isn’t doing well in the women’s category, and South Korea isn’t doing well in the men’s category. There are no matches in the top 10 rankings for men’s singles.

South Korea is the fourth-best country at the World Badminton Championships, but it does not do much better than Denmark. Seoul Olympic Park has ten courts and has been the site of many national and international events, including the 2017 Sudirman Cup.

Bucheon Gymnasium is famous for local players because it has eight courts. It holds tournaments often.

Malaysia (Titiwangsa Sports Complex ,Kota Damansara Community)

Badminton has a long history in Malaysia, and there are many great places to play it all over the country.

Titiwangsa Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur, has 16 courts and is a popular place for local players to play. It is often used for tournaments and the national team trains there.

Malaysians love to watch one of the best badminton players in the World, Lee Chong Wei, play and cheer him on. Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve, Selangor, this outdoor venue has six courts and is popular with players who like to play outside. It is in a beautiful place and is open to everyone.

Malaysia has also done pretty well in a lot of national tournaments. Since 1925, people in the Malaysian state of Penang have played Badminton. But the Badminton Association Malaysia, also known as BAM, did not start until 1960.

Hopefully, this post did an excellent job of increasing your knowledge about the top 5 best countries to play Badminton in the World.

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